Sunday, February 26, 2012

Samoa is no place for Electronic devices. First my Cell phone from home stopped working about 3 weeks ago. Then my ipod, that Alyn gave me. It has all my music on it. I would listen to it when I went running or at night if I couldn't sleep. Gone. Then, my mom gave me an ipod touch before I came out here. It has all my games, books from my kindle, books for Kolby, scriptures. Games!! that keep my mind occupied. stopped working a few days ago. So crazy sad about that. Now my phone I bought here stopped working. I can text but can't call anyone. What am I to do with myself.
This morning I got out my actual scriptures and started reading from there :) and I got out an actual book to read. What is life in Samoa without electronics. I will go crazy.

Friday, February 3, 2012

My verizon phone is officialy not working any more. So if you need me call my samoan phone or wait until I'm online. Too many ants crawled into the spot where the charger hooks into.

I found my first grey hair the other day. My Samoan experience - Rats, Cockroaches, Ants = no sleep = grey hairs. You might laugh at my ant comments but trust me they come in the millions. If one drop of food gets on the ground they come a runnin. I can't buy any food that sits out like bread that I don't eat right away. I can't buy cereal for breakfast. I have a tupperwear tub I put my food in, to hide from the rats. But in this new house the ants have gotten into the tub so no more dry foods for us.

It's ok for now thought I am in Savaii still and they cook us breakfast and dinner, and I get to jump in the water every day. I'm spoiled over here. Not sure when I will return to my house in Apia.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It is Feb. 2nd here in Samoa. I am sitting in a resort called Vacations. It is in Savaii close to Tanu Beach where I stay. I am here because the internet works here and not at Tanu. Anyway it has been raining like crazy the last few days. I have been pretty sick so we just sit in the room and I lay down while Kolby runs wild. He has such a fun, busy personality. Always needs to be playing with something. His hands are both full at all times. One toy is never enough for him. He needs 2 or more.

This morning it wasn't raining so we went to the beach and played a while. I let him run loose and he picked up every shell and threw it back in the water and laughed at himself. He had such a good time. He will not like leaving here, I'm sure of that. One time a big wave came in and knocked him off his feet and rolled him over. I was right there so no harm done but the shocking look on his face when he sat up was priceless. Like I was the one that knocked him over. I wish I had batteries for my camera I would have loved to catch that face. I love looking back at the beach where we have walked and seeing both our footprints. Mine are a semi straight line and his are up and down and some heavy and some light. It cracks me up. What is in his mind I wonder. As soon as I get batteries I will take some pictures of him at the beach. Praying that it stops raining also.
I sometimes can't believe I am in such a beautiful place and still I am dying to get home. Always greener on the other side I guess.
On the beach today we ran into a family and the Dad was wearing a BYU hat. Of course I asked if they were from Utah and they are. Just visiting family out here. I am in the same ward as the family they are here to see also. Small world. Then i asked where in Utah they are from and they said Orem. That is where I am from. The daughter Nikki went to UVSC and played basketball there. So did I, only a few years before her. She married a Samoan also so they are here visiting his family. I love how our church brings all of us together in one way or another.
While I am at it, I am also grateful for the great people I have met out here in my ward. They have helped me out so much. Taking me in and feeding me. Being a friend to me. Good people!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I picked up Kolby Aug. 14 he was just over 8 months
old. He was very sick and skinny. He had the flu and a runny nose. He didn’t eat very well and slept in 3 hour
increments. During the day he was fairly
happy, he didn’t cry much but he threw up all day and had the runs so bad. During the night he cried to be breast
fed. His birth mom didn’t have any money
to buy him food to eat so she only breast fed him. That was hard for him only at night he wanted
to be breastfed. It took about 2 weeks
for him to adjust to life with me. He
started sleeping better and soon he stopped throwing up. His bowel movements became more regular and
little more solid. I know at that age
they aren’t solid yet. I know I’ve said
it before but he adjusts like a champ. I
have moved him from house to house while we have been out here and he wakes up
crying the first night in the new house but not after that. I usually have a week of sleepless nights
while I try to adjust the new accommodations.
Each place we have lived has had different trials. The first place Rita’s lodge was so expensive
I didn’t have enough money to buy food.
I would buy a loaf of bread and butter and eat that for 2 days. The cost
of diapers and formula is outrageous out here.
It would cost me 100 Tala for one week’s worth of diapers and formula. The money doubles out here so it is pretty
similar to back home but people are poor out here so it seems so crazy to me
that things cost the same as in the States.
Also by the time things get shipped out here they are expired or near
the expiration date so the quality isn’t the same yet it costs the same. It cost me 1000 Tala in rent, we paid a 600
Tala deposit (she only gave me 200 back, not cool!) I paid 200 for power that
month. This is why I had no money left
for food. I only stayed for 1 month.
House number 2 we moved to Tiapapata. It’s up the mountain so the air is cooler and
the houses are nicer. It’s where most
Americans who have moved here live. I
lived in my own little apartment under their house. I didn’t interact at all with the Samoans
which was a little sad for me. I wanted the local experience. Up there the local Samoans were the house
maids and yard workers and different projects the house owners had for
them. The pay for a house worker is 2
Tala an hour. How do you feed a family
on that I will never know. But the good
thing in Samoa is that it is easier to live off the land. They have breadfruit, Taro, bananas and other
fruits pretty abundant. So they have to
eat those things until they get money for meat and other foods. The difficult thing for me there is during
the time I was there Samoa was in a drout so we had no running water. We had to drive to town and fill up our big
water containers we had bought. I had to
cook, clean, bathe Kolby and drink all from the water I bought. It was a huge challenge for me. Every morning at 7:15 sharp, Wendy and Steve,
The owners of the house, would drive to town.
Wendy and I would go to the gym.
Kolby would sit in his stroller patiently while I worked out for an
hour. Then we would leave and walk to
the Coffe Bean (an internet café) where Steve was hanging out doing his work
online. Get online for an hour or so
until Wendy was finished working out then head back up the hill. That is where I would get my shower for the
day. No water at home for me. After I would bathe Kolby I would put the
used water in the toilet so I could flush it once a day. The other downfall to being there was
feeling stuck in that little room. It
costs too much to take a taxi and I was meeting people from the ward that I
wanted to hang out with but couldn’t.
The rent was only 500 Tala which was nice but when a lady from the ward
offered me a room free I had to take it.
House number 3 was in Lotopa. Back down the hill near town. It was across the street from Rita’s
lodge. Tai and Kristen Tauilili’s
house. They used to run a preschool in
their backyard so they cleaned it out and let me stay there. Here is the difficulty with this place. It is a really old run down house with many
holes in it. So the rats pretty much
take over. There were 3 or 4 rats in
every room when I walked into it. I had
to knock on something so they would run away. Also I had no fridge, I had to take the food
I wanted to save inside which was ok but they have 6 kids so most of the food I
put in there would get eaten. Also the
bathroom and shower were outside so I would have to leave Kolby in the Pack and
Play while I went, and he hated that. He
would scream and cry until I came back.
So I would have to arrange my potty time around his naps. When the kids were home I would take him
inside to them while I showered. The
bonus was they had a water heater so the shower was warm. Warm shower still didn’t override the rats
and cockroaches. I stayed there for 2
When my inlaws came into town and saw where I was living
they wanted me out so the arranged for me to move across the street and down a
little ways into their families house.
It’s a decent sized house only problem is there are many people who live
here. I no longer have my own space and
I became the instant nanny for their 1 year old Siva. He was hard, he laid on the ground crying
pretty nonstop. The mom would wake up
change his diaper then go back to sleep so I had to care for the 2 of them all
day. Then she worked in the evenings so
again I had them both to feed dinner and put to bed. Not easy but not too bad because we were
usually alone in the evenings. I liked
that. This last weekend they moved back
to Savaii so for this month Kolby and I are alone in this big house. Beautiful. Hopefully I will be going home in
a month and all of this madness will be over.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My friend out here Sarah Allen and her husband do padlling competitions. They let me paddle with them during practice and I LOVE it. I will keep doing it until I get back. We also ran a 5K. Sarah has been a fun friend for me out here. She has 3 kids so we take them swimming and stuff sometimes. Her husband is working out here for 2 years. They have been here for a year already. Can't imagine that long out here. Maybe it would be easier if my hubby was here with me.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting his haircut on his birthday. Dec 6 he turned 1

This was Christmas in Samoa for us. Breckie sent out some presents for Kolby. He loved opening them and then playing with them. Thanks so much for great Aunts.